Futura Medical is developing a portfolio of innovative products for two large markets, sexual health and pain.

We have four products in late-stage development.

MED3000, our lead product, is a topical gel which utilises our proprietary technology DermaSys®, and was developed specifically for the treatment of ED.

Our product pipeline

Lead products




Description: Topical gel for erectile dysfunction

Status: EU regulatory approval granted. Supplementary study required for US. Specialist corporate advisers appointed

Description: Topical diclofenac pain relief gel

Status: Phase 3 study required.

Description: Topical cannabidiol formulation

Status: Joint venture colaboration. Early development stage to explore a number of disease states including pain relief.

Other products




Description: Condom containing an erectogenic gel

Status: Approved in the EU, 24 month shelf life

Description: Topical ibuprofen pain relief gel

Status: Out-licencing discussions ongoing