2023 saw us move from a pre-revenue R&D company to a business with first meaningful revenues being generated from commercial sales of Eroxon®.

This is a significant step forward and therefore it feels appropriate to refine our strategy as follows:

To commercialise innovative and clinically proven products for the OTC sexual health market. We will partner with leading consumer healthcare partners who are well resourced to commit significant marketing spend and expertise to engage effectively with consumers.

This approach is aligned with the demographic changes of ageing populations, increasing prosperity and the expectation of people to lead a full and active life no matter their age.

With an innovative R&D team, we will look to fulfil the needs of the large, underserved OTC sexual health market.

Going forwards, we will report against three strategic pillars:

  1. Address the growing needs within the OTC sexual health market
  2. Broaden the Company’s clinically proven product range leveraging its innovative and experienced R&D capability whilst being mindful of costs and focusing on ROI.
  3. Commit to delivering strong returns for shareholders, sustained profitability and financial discipline

Our priorities for 2024 are:

  1. Address – Address worldwide demand for Eroxon® through strengthening our supply chain and commercial network whilst achieving further regulatory approvals and further launches across the world
  2. Broaden – Explore other range extensions as well as new innovative products within the sexual health category to meet further unmet demand, supported by clinical data whilst remaining mindful of costs
  3. Commit – Deliver further revenue growth and progress on the path towards profitability in the next 12 months