Our strategy is to develop our portfolio of innovative products for sexual health and and then partner at the optimum time to generate most shareholder value.

The objective is to develop products such that each on its own has the potential to generate significant long-term annual revenues.

We are investing in our lead product Eroxon to generate most value for shareholders.

2022 priorities and performance

  1. Successful completion of Phase 3 study FM71 and submission to the US FDA as an OTC medical device in October 2022.
  2. Signed agreement with Cooper Consumer Health for the rights to Eroxon® in the EEA, the UK and Switzerland. Started discussions for the licensing and distribution rights for the USA.
  3. Supported our commercial partners in their own submissions to local regulatory bodies in the Middle East, South America and Asia with regulatory approvals in four countries to-date.
  4. Expanded our quality, supply chain, manufacturing and commercial capabilities to supply and support our commercial partners in their launches with first production orders.
  5. Giving ED sufferers access to MED3000 as quickly as possible and increasing awareness of the product amongst ED KOLs.

2023 focus (as reported in the annual report 2022)

  1. Grant of marketing authorisation of MED3000 by the US FDA as an OTC medical device. Achieved
  2. First launches of MED3000 under the brand name Eroxon® in Europe and first revenues reported. Achieved
  3. Sign further agreements for key markets and countries worldwide – with the USA being the main focus – to continue building a strong global network of licensing and distribution partners and a strong brand identity for MED3000. Achieved
  4. Continue to support our commercial partners in their own submissions to local regulatory bodies and in their launch preparations. Achieved and Ongoing
  5. Expand our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities to increase supply chain robustness and capacity. Ongoing