A breakthrough fast-acting treatment for erectile dysfunction

Eroxon® is a breakthrough treatment for erectile dysfunction (“ED”) available over the counter and without prescription, and which is clinically proven to help men achieve an erection within 10 minutes. Eroxon® is a clear gel that can be applied by the man or their partner, available in a single dose tube.

Unique benefits of Eroxon®

Eroxon® can be purchased online or in person without a doctor’s prescription, making treatment for ED easier to access and addressing some of the barriers to treatment.

A key advantage of Eroxon® is that it works fast helping men get an erection within 10 minutes which means Eroxon® can be used as part of foreplay helping to restore intimacy and spontaneity in the relationship. Partners can also be part of the solution and apply Eroxon® to their partner.

The efficacy and safety of Eroxon® was proven in two Phase 3 clinical trials conducted in Europe and the USA which were used to obtain regulatory approval in countries around the world including Europe and the USA.

Fast-acting, helping to achieve an erection within 10 minutes

Available without a prescription

Excellent safety profile

Can involve the partner in treatment and easy to use

Where is Eroxon® available?

Eroxon® is a new brand and a new over-the-counter category in most markets. Eroxon® is now approved in a growing number of markets across the world including in Europe, the USA, seven countries in the Middle East, Australia and Mexico.

Eroxon® launched in its first markets the UK and Belgium in March 2023, being available to consumers for the first time and changing the lives of men with ED and their partners. This was followed by further launches in Europe and in the Middle East with full launches in ten countries including key European markets such as France, Italy and Spain having already occurred or expected during the first half of 2024.