Our business model focuses our key resources to create optimal value through our 4 key pillars outsourcing, expertise, market dynamics and impact to maximise value for our key stakeholders our patients, shareholders and employees.



Market dynamics


R&D expertise combined with

a lean operating model

Proven innovation

Understanding our markets

Understanding patient and consumer needs

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R&D expertise combined with a lean operating model

Semi-virtual model using in-house specialist expertise in Clinical Development, Regulatory and Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC), Quality and Supply Chain to lead strategy and co-ordinate the outsourcing of key activities with highly regarded subcontractors and manufacturers and a range of experienced consultants

Proven innovation

Expertise in optimising formulations of molecules and excipients to ensure a rapid and targeted action and to minimise side effects.

Understanding our markets

Our lead asset MED3000 is well positioned to address the unmet needs in the erectile dysfunction market. Our products address growing demand in sexual health and pain relief driven by long-term trends such as ageing populations, increase in conditions such as obesity, stress and anxiety, increasing prosperity and expectations from patients and consumers for a high quality and enjoyable life. Not only are people living longer but they want to live an active, enjoyable and fulfilled lifestyle for longer. Products such as MED3000 are well placed to accommodate such demands.

Understanding patient and consumer needs

In sexual health, current treatments do not meet the needs of many men with erectile dysfunction who are looking for a fast-acting and well tolerated treatment that can help restore spontaneity and intimacy back into their relationship.  ED can also contribute to low confidence and self-esteem and have a significant impact on the health of the sufferer as well as their partner’s.