Our business model is centred on our ability to innovate and attract leading commercial partners within the consumer healthcare sector in order to extend our reach across the world.

We currently operate two different models with our commercial partners.

A sustainable model geared for our success

Key Resources


  • Highly experienced, loyal and motivated team focused on innovative solutions
  • Access to a team of 30 consultants and Key Opinion Leaders used for their specialist knowledge and leadership in the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare field
  • Strong results-driven culture and teamwork

Expertise and innovation

  • Highly effective patented proprietary topical formulation expertise
  • Expertise in clinical development and clinical trials, regulatory, quality, manufacturing and supply chain management
  • Semi-virtual structure with outsourcing optimised to maximise expertise and minimise overhead cost

Strong leadership

  • Experienced management team with expertise in researching and developing innovative products as well as business and commercial acumen in the global consumer healthcare market
  • Expertise in US consumer healthcare market with two Directors based in the USA who have spent more than 30 years each in senior management roles in leading consumer health businesses

We currently operate two different operating models with our commercial partners.