For the first time Eroxon® is available to men with ED and their partners with the first launch of Eroxon® in the UK and Belgium in March 2023 by our European partner Cooper with more launches planned, including in the USA.

Cooper Consumer Health (Cooper) launched in the UK and Belgium in March 2023 with further launches in key markets including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal in 2024. The results of the launches in these initial markets have been encouraging with very strong media interest in the launch, early signs of repeat purchase from customers, and Eroxon® receiving several high profile industry awards.

Launch and retail success story

The UK launch PR campaign was very successful with exclusives in national newspapers and the product being discussed on TV. This was followed by a significant TV advertising campaign and in-store activity. The product was initially only available through Boots, the UK’s leading health and beauty retailer, and one of the most trusted UK healthcare brands. This was a key element of the strategy to build the credibility of the product, alongside the KOL and HCP engagement programme. Eroxon® is now available in over 2,500 retail stores across the UK as well as online from retailers such as amazon.

Eroxon® available in > 2,500 stores
across the UK as well as online from retailers such as Amazon

1 million packs
shipped by Futura

Haleon – World class partner for the US market

2023 was a year of great progress towards our goal of launching Eroxon® in the USA with the FDA approving Eroxon® in June and Futura signing a deal with Haleon in July 2023 for the rights to exclusively commercialise Eroxon® in the USA. As part of the agreement, Futura received an initial upfront payment of US$ 4 million, will receive further royalty payments on all sales, and potential commercial and performance driven sales milestone payments totalling between US$ 5 million and US$ 45 million payable over the course of several years.

Haleon is responsible for all investment activities related to the launch and marketing of the product in the USA, with Futura providing ongoing technical support for OTC product development and commercialisation opportunities. Haleon continues to advance the launch plans in the USA to bring the product to market with an expected launch before the end of February 2025.

The USA is the largest consumer healthcare market and has the potential to be the largest market for Eroxon® helping to address the unmet needs of men with ED. There are around 23 million men with ED in the USA1 but 3 out of 4 are not on treatment2 highlighting significant unmet needs. According to Ipsos’ forecast, commissioned by Futura, the market opportunity for Eroxon® OTC in the USA is US$ 350+ million (retail price)3. This is based on a retail price of US$ 5 per tube (pricing strategy is the responsibility of our commercial partner).

23 million

men with ED in the USA1


Three in four men with ED in
the USA are not on treatment2

US$ 350+ million

market opportunity in the USA3

  1. 2021 JSB Partners estimate based on US Census International Programs Population by age groups and “Prevalence of erectile dysfunction: Massachusetts Male Aging Study”, 1987 ± 1989 (n=1626); source Kleinman et al. J Clin Epidemiol 2000.
  2. Frederick L., “Undertreatment of erectile dysfunction: claims analysis of 6.2 million patients”, J Sex Med, 2014, Oct, (10):2546-53.
  3. Ipsos research carried out on behalf of Futura in the USA, 2022