The Directors of Futura Medical plc recognise the importance of sound corporate governance and have chosen to apply the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (the "QCA Code").

Futura Medical has adopted the QCA Corporate Governance Code (the “QCA Code”) as it considers that this is the most suitable framework for smaller listed companies. We continue to evaluate how we govern the Group on an ongoing basis, working for the best long-term interests of our shareholders in an open, transparent and ethical manner. The Board considers that this framework can grow with the Company, yet it is considered premature to plan for an evolution of the governance framework at this stage. If the Company undertakes significant transactions that would lead to growth, then the Board will consider the implication of this on the corporate governance structure at that point in time.

The principal methods of communicating our application of the QCA Code are this Annual Report and the Investor section of our website at The QCA Code sets out ten principles and in the Corporate Governance Report on pages 50 to 55 we have set out the Group’s application of the QCA Code, including, where appropriate, cross references to other sections of this Annual Report and to our website.

Last updated May 2023.

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